The Traveler’s Lab Hits the Road

In March, four Traveler’s Lab profs hit the road to deliver papers that drew (at least in part) on research done in the Traveler’s Lab.

Prof. Franklin-Lyons and Professor Jasper both traveled to the Medieval Academy of America annual meeting at the University of Pennsylvania and delivered presentations in a digital humanities lightning round on March 8: Building a Digitized Travel Database: Gazetteers and Roads (Franklin-Lyons) and Teaching Digital Methods in Historical Research (Jasper).  And Katie Jasper brought students with her to help with the open table presentations after the lightning round!  Thanks to Elizabeth Harkert, Mersi Curtsinger, and Logan Janicki.  They did a great job describing their projects and experience working with the lab.

Prof. Gary Shaw traveled to the University of Leeds to deliver the Institute for Medieval Studies Open Lecture on March 19: The Ethics and Politics of Comparison in Later Medieval England. On March 21, he led a University of Leeds faculty group through a workshop on the Travelers’ Lab itself as a possible model and source for inspiration for ways to combine pedagogy and research.

Prof. Jesse Torgerson traveled to Harvard University to deliver the Harvard Committee on Medieval Studies and the Mary Jaharis Center for Byzantine Art and Culture Spring lecture on March 28: Dropping a Medieval Chronicle (and Putting it Back Together): Reading the Byzantine Chronography of Theophanes and George Synkellos through Manuscripts, Maps, and Text Analysis. The “Maps and Text Analysis” portions of the talk were drawn entirely from Traveler’s Lab work done over the last 18 months.

Congrats, and many thanks to the students and teams who contributed: Rachel Chung, Nate Krieger, Jesse Simmons, Yuan Sun, Lydia Nuhfer, Claire O’Pray, Miki Yang).


Adam Franklin-Lyons, Elizabeth Harkert, Mersi Curtsinger, and Logan Janicki at the table talking with other medievalists about the travelers lab in Philadelphia (Katie Jasper is taking the photo).