The Travelers Lab serves as a platform for uniting faculty and students with shared interests in specific research topics and methodologies. Curious to know more? Here’s an overview of our ongoing initiatives and the individuals involved.

In the academic year 2016-2017, we proudly inaugurated the Wesleyan branch of the Lab, led by Dr. Pavel Oleinikov (Associate Director of Wesleyan’s Quantitative Analysis Center). This initiative brought together students keen on contributing to projects spearheaded by Professor Shaw, Professor Torgerson, and Professor Franklin-Lyon (now at Emerson College). The response exceeded our expectations, underscoring the vibrant enthusiasm within our community. Students from any of the affiliated faculty’s institutions who wish to join us can reach out to any of these professors to explore the various avenues for engagement.

Our lab’s reach expanded further through collaboration with Dr. Helen Birkett from Exeter University, who had a memorable residency at Wesleyan in fall 2017, collaborating with several students. She continues to play a pivotal role in our endeavors.

Additionally, we’re thrilled to maintain collaborations with Dr. Jason L. Simms, now at Lafayette College.

In a significant development during fall 2018, we established a teaching-research partnership with Professor Kathryn Jasper of Illinois State University. This collaboration saw her students joining forces with existing projects and methodologies within the Lab.

Further enriching our community, we had the pleasure of meeting Professor Sean Perrone from St. Anselm College in spring 2019. His work on sixteenth and seventeenth-century Spain intersects intriguingly with our interests in mapping, religious institutions, and mobility, making him a valuable addition to the lab.

Most recently, in fall 2020, we broadened our scope to encompass a broader swath of pre-contemporary history with the inclusion of Professor William Pinch from Wesleyan. His expertise in early modern and nineteenth-century India enhances our collective pursuit of historical inquiry.

For detailed profiles of our current members and more information, please explore the links below.