The Itineraries Project

The Itineraries Project is a combination of several previous veins of work and represents the first large-scale collaboration of the Travelers Lab.  As Gary Shaw describes in the Episcopal Travel project, this is also where the Travelers Lab really started.  The overall Itineraries Project combines the Episcopal Travel project with the addition of new itineraries from around Europe.  Currently, we also have a number of royal itineraries from the late Medieval Crown of Aragon, but the goal is to be able to include such datasets from around Europe.

Currently, this project is in its beginning stages, but the target release data is July of 2019 when we will have a fully functioning GitHub site with usable data, visualization recommendations, code for filtering and analyzing the data, and detailed instructions for including the material in new courses as well as guidelines for how to add data to the collection.

This project is run by Gary Shaw and Adam Franklin-Lyons and has gotten extensive student support from Lydia Nuhfer, Claire O’Pray, Elizabeta Kravchenko, and earlier extensive support from Stephanie Ling.