Lab Meeting: October 12, 2018

On Friday October 12 the lab met 2.30-4pm, in Allbritton 004, for a University-funded visit from Prof. Kathryn Jasper.

Dr. Jasper’s visit highlighted the lab’s commitment this year to increasing multi-campus collaborations. This semester Traveler’s Lab students working with Prof. Franklin-Lyons and Prof. Torgerson teamed up with Prof. Jasper’s students at Illinois State University to share resources, projects, and best practices.

This is the first opportunity we have taken to work so closely with students who are not at Wesleyan University or Marlboro College, and so Prof. Jasper’s visit allows us to look at how well the collaborations are going, to confirm plans for finishing the semester, and to learn more about her own research project.

Prof. Jasper shared from her own research using analytical & visualization tools (especially ArcGIS) for historical research into how the “monastic network” of one reform-minded eleventh-century monk with a more than healthy dose of ambition — Peter Damian — came into being and continued to function in practice.