Spring 2017 Meetings: a chronicle

Traveler’s Lab collective gatherings and workshops, held between February & May 2017

Feb 6 (Monday) – Informational and Planning Meeting

Feb 20 (Monday) – Brainstorming Meeting: goals and ideas for the semester

Mar 3 (Friday) – Basic Text Analysis using R
(by Matthew Jockers)

Mar 6 (Monday) – Using MaxQDA and Rocogito to read the Chronicle of Theophanes
(Torgerson Labs)

Apr 3 (Monday) – Cracking the Datini Archive
(Franklin-Lyons Labs)

Apr 18 (Monday) – Roads and Paths: How can we find them, how can we map them?
(Shaw Labs)

May 9 (Tuesday) – Professor Grimmer-Solem and the “Cartography Lab”; the Semester in Review