Name: Olivia Keyes
Year: 2025
Area of Study: History Major; Russian, Eastern European, and Eurasian Studies
Olivia is actively engaged in the Constantinopolitana: Database of East Rome, focusing on unraveling the complexities of Constantinople’s history and is one of the Traveler’s Lab lab managers. Previously, Olivia contributed to the Constantinople Palimpsest project. With a passion for exploring the historical narratives of Eastern Europe and Eurasia, Olivia epitomizes a commitment to interdisciplinary scholarship and uncovering untold stories from the past.

Name: Alex Williams
Year: 2026
Area of Study: College of Letters with a minor in Data Analysis
Alex Williams is a sophomore at Wesleyan University, where she is pursuing a major in the College of Letters, an interdisciplinary field intertwining history, literature, and philosophy, alongside a minor in Data Analysis. She is engaged in the CDER (Constantinople Database of East Rome) project at Traveler’s Lab, demonstrating her commitment to interdisciplinary research and digital humanities. Beyond her academic pursuits, Alex indulges in creative writing, reading, and crocheting during her leisure time.

Name: Zaray Dewan
Year: 2025
Area of study: History and minor in IDEAS
Zaray is a junior working with Prof. Torgerson on CDER.

Name: Charlotte Seal
Year: 2026
Area of study: College of Letters
Charlotte Seal is an enthusiastic member, exploring her passion for literature and cultural studies. Engaged in campus life, Charlotte contributes to Wesleyan University Press, the Wesleyan Argus, Route 9, and assists peers through the Wesleyan ITS Helpdesk. Previously, she collaborated with Professor Torgerson on a project for the Center for Digital Education and Research, focusing on manuscript identification. Currently, Charlotte is involved in the Offices project at Traveler’s, exploring the identification of individuals’ offices through associated seals.

Name: Ruishi Wang
Year: 2026
Area of study: Economics; Science in Society Program; Data Analysis Minor
Ruishi Wang is pursuing an academic path in Economics, the Science in Society Program, and a minor in Data Analysis. Currently collaborating with Professor Torgerson on a project at the Center for Digital Education and Research (CDER), Ruishi is focused on locating and mapping buildings and infrastructures.

Name: Arushi Khare
Year: 2025
Area of study: College of Letters; film studies
Arushi Khare, a junior at Wesleyan University, is majoring in the College of Letters with a minor in Film Studies. Her current focus at Traveler’s involves the Seals/Coins category, contributing to the mapping of individuals’ lives in Byzantine Constantinople through these historical elements.

Name: Stella Tannen
Year: 2026
Area of study: English, History
Stella Tannen is a student at Wesleyan University, where she is majoring in English and History. Currently, she is working with Professor Torgerson in the buildings department at Traveler’s Lab, locating and mapping infrastructure in Constantinople.

Name: Chukwudi Udechukwu
Year: 2027
Area of Study: Computer Science
Chukwudi is in charge of overseeing the management and upkeep of website content. With a passion for software programming and web development, Chukwudi is committed to ensuring that the lab’s online presence accurately reflects its innovative research and academic pursuits.