Constantinople as Palimpsest

February 2021 update: We have published an updated citeable beta-version of Constantinople as Palimpsest on BodoArXiv here.

Please click through to this blog post to read about the project status as of January 2018.

Constantinople as Palimpsest is an interactive, space-based encyclopedia of Byzantine Constantinople, created by Wesleyan undergraduate students as part of their regular coursework.

This is a project in digital archaeology and curation. Constantinople as Palimpsest presents Wesleyan students’ work to catalogue the surviving traces of the medieval Roman empire of Byzantium. Re-imagining the past in this way can be thought of as analogous to the way that scholars of medieval manuscripts seek to recover the traces of an underlying text, scraped off in the making of a manuscript palimpsest.

Click the image below to explore our interactive digital encyclopedia of Byzantine Constantinople. Since the site remains in its prototype version, please consult this explanation of the process of its creation and directions on how to read and interact with the content in the database.

Constantinople as Palimpsest: a place-based encyclopedia